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It would be difficult to find an area of your life that has not benefited from technology, and dentistry is no exception! Nearly every procedure and dental treatment we offer has been touched in some way by modern technology. The benefit to our patients is easy, stress-free treatment leading to a healthier smile.

We embrace technology and all that it offers our patients, but we will never lose sight of the fact that it is the people and personal connections that make the difference. At Platte Canyon Dental, you will enjoy the benefits of a modern, state-of-the-art dental office and a warm and welcoming environment where you will be treated with kindness and respect.

Please take a moment to browse through the technology we currently offer, then call us to schedule an appointment.

Digital X-Rays

Many patients worry about the frequency of dental x-rays, and we understand. Your safety and comfort matter to us. We use digital x-rays at Platte Canyon Dental because they minimize your radiation exposure significantly. Digital x-rays are a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that enables Dr. Linn to see inside your teeth and gums—areas that she cannot see with a visual exam.

The highly-detailed images produced with digital x-rays let Dr. Linn find cavities and gum disease early on, long before they progress and cause you any discomfort. We also use digital x-rays as an educational tool because we share the images with you on your chairside monitor. When you see the problem for yourself, you will know exactly what the problem is and why we recommend treatment.

We store your digital x-rays on our secure in-house network, so they are easy to access for reference, to monitor ongoing conditions, and to share with specialists and your insurance companies.

Panoramic X-Rays

There are some cases where Dr. Linn needs to see your entire mouth in a single x-ray for diagnostic or treatment planning purposes. A panoramic x-ray gives us a two-dimensional view of all your upper and lower teeth and jaws in one image.

We do not use panoramic x-rays to diagnose cavities, but they help us problems such as fractures, cysts, infections, bone abnormalities and, impacted teeth, and tumors. They are also an invaluable tool when planning dentures, braces, extractions, and root canal treatment.

Intraoral Cameras

Including you in the diagnostic process with technology like intraoral cameras helps you make more informed and confident decisions about your dental care. It is one thing for us to tell you that you have a cavity. But seeing the problem yourself helps you understand why we recommend treatment and how it will benefit your long-term oral health.

An intraoral camera is a small, handheld digital camera that lights up the inside of your mouth and transmits real-time images to your chairside monitor. As Dr. Linn passes the camera over your teeth, you will see the highly-detailed, magnified images. She will explain what you are seeing on these images. If she finds a problem like tooth wear, a cavity or gum disease, we can print the image and save it to your patient record for reference.

Nitrous Oxide

At Platte Canyon Dental, we understand that dental anxiety is a significant problem for many of our patients, so we are pleased to offer them the calming benefits of nitrous oxide or “laughing gas.”

Patients prefer nitrous oxide because it is very mild, and the effects dissipate quickly after treatment. It is easy to administer nitrous because you just sit back and inhale the gas through a small nasal mask. 

In moments, you will start to feel very dreamy and relaxed, and the activity around you will seem very far away. With nitrous, you will enjoy a pleasant sense of well-being and comfort but remain fully conscious and able to communicate with our team. 

The effects of nitrous dissipate within minutes after we finish your procedure, with no lingering drowsy side effects. You will not need a driver to get you to and from your appointment, and you will leave our office feeling refreshed and ready to get on with your day.


Electric Handpieces

We do everything we can to enhance our patients’ comfort with us and minimize any stress-inducing triggers. Dr. Linn has invested in electric handpieces at Platte Canyon Dental because they help us do both.

One major anxiety trigger for many patients is the sounds of a dental office—particularly the high-pitched sound that dental drills make. Since they are motor-driven, not air-driven, our electric handpieces are significantly quieter and also minimize the vibration that many patients find uncomfortable.

Electric handpieces also provide Dr. Linn and our hygienists with a level of precision that is not possible with air-driven tools, so they can efficiently remove tooth decay, plaque, and tartar from your teeth and get you out of the dental chair faster. 

Digital Sensors

Digital x-rays are invaluable for diagnosing dental conditions, and the process for taking them is made efficient and comfortable with digital sensors. Intraoral digital sensors are used in conjunction with x-ray imaging equipment to improve your comfort and the resolution of the images they produce.

When taking a dental x-ray, we place a flat digital sensor in your mouth that delivers high-resolution digital images directly through a USB port. Dr. Linn can view the highly-detailed image within seconds to provide accurate efficient diagnoses and positive, long-lasting treatment outcomes. Since digital sensors are smooth and comfortable with rounded corners, they are comfortable and will not poke into your mouth. 

Rotary Endodontics

A root canal is a dental procedure that Dr. Linn performs to relieve pain and save an infected tooth from extraction. The problem is that root canals have a terrible reputation, even though it is mostly unwarranted. We want to help motivate our patients to follow through and seek root canal treatment by making the entire process as comfortable and efficient as possible.

In addition to our quality patient care, we use rotary endodontic technology that improves your comfort by streamlining the root canal procedure. Unlike manual steel files used in the past, modern rotary endodontic technology uses a flexible nickel-titanium tip that reaches the innermost recesses of your tooth's canals to clean them thoroughly. By removing every trace of infection the first time, we can deliver the best results and most positive long-term outcomes for our patients.

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