Children and Teen's Dentist in Littleton, CO

Group of children playing outside in Littleton, CODo you have dental anxiety? Can you trace it back to an unhappy experience you had with a dentist when you were a child?

Our goal at Platte Canyon Dental is to ensure that every child who passes through our doors develops a positive, healthy attitude about oral health that lasts a lifetime. As a parent, Dr. Christina Linn enjoys working with little kids and knows how to keep them happy, interested, and motivated to get excited about dentistry.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit in Littleton

There will be a lot of firsts for your little one, and we will make sure their first dental visit leaves them feeling happy and interested in dentistry. Kids are naturally curious, and our gentle and caring team uses this to keep them engaged and interested in this new experience. 

We like to see children for their first dental visit at our Littleton dental office around age one or when they get their first baby tooth. These early visits help your child get accustomed to a new environment, unfamiliar faces, and strange-looking machines long before we need to perform any treatment. 

Dentistry as Your Child Grows

Children respond to our gentle, friendly approach, and with your support, it will not be long before your little one starts looking forward to visits with our friendly dental team. Your child needs preventive teeth cleanings and exams every six months, just as you do. 

Treatment for Baby Teeth

Baby or primary teeth are temporary, but they hold a place for permanent teeth to emerge in their correct positions. If your son or daughter gets a cavity in a baby tooth, our Littleton children's dentist needs to fill it and keep the tooth intact until it comes out naturally on its own.

Fluoride and Dental Sealants

As your child continues to lose baby teeth and gain permanent teeth, Dr. Linn will monitor their oral development and provide preventive treatment as needed. If she finds your child is not getting sufficient fluoride, she will recommend a supplemental application to promote strong, healthy teeth. Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings we apply to teeth like molars with uneven chewing surfaces that act as a barrier to seal out cavity-causing bacteria.

Sports Mouthguards

Does your child participate in sports? It is essential to ensure that their teeth are adequately protected, and we are pleased to offer customized sports mouth guards for kids in Littleton. Unlike generic mouthguards, ours are very strong and customized for your child using impressions of their teeth. They are more likely to remember to put their guard in when it is time for athletics if it fits them comfortably!

Schedule Your Child's Dental Appointment

It would be great if kids came with instruction manuals, but they do not, which is why you are always welcome to turn to Dr. Linn and her team with your questions. We provide quality dentistry for children and support, education, and reassurance for parents who want their kids to get the healthiest start possible with their smiles.

Whether it is time for your baby’s first dental visit, or you have an older child who has a cavity, call our Littleton dental office to schedule an appointment.