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Dr. Christina Linn, DMD

FREE Consultation or Second Opinion (New Patients)

At Platte Canyon Dental, we are pleased to offer free consultations and second opinions for our new patients. There's a lot for you to consider when choosing a dental provider or deciding if you should go forward with a particular treatment. It's only natural and right that you should ask questions and expect to get honest, informative answers.

If you currently have dental concerns that need to be addressed, Dr. Christina Linn offers free consultations so you can get answers before you commit to any treatment. She will evaluate your current oral health and make recommendations based on what she discovers during your consultation.

You may have a dentist who recommends a procedure, and you want confirmation from another professional that the treatment plan is right for your needs. You have every right to seek a second opinion without any obligation. Dr. Linn will be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns and either confirm your dentist's recommendation or explain other options that she thinks are appropriate.

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