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Tips for Maintaining Your Child’s Oral Health

December 8, 2020
Posted By: Platte Canyon Dental
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You have a lot of responsibilities as a parent, including helping your child develop healthy oral habits. The sooner you can start introducing these healthy habits, the easier it will be for them to view them as just another part of their daily routine. 

Your children’s dentist in Littleton always welcomes and encourages questions and is happy to share her knowledge and expertise with parents. 

Introduce Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits

  • In infancy, gently wipe down your baby’s gums with a soft washcloth or gauze pad.
  • When the first baby tooth erupts, use a child’s toothbrush and a pea-sized drop of fluoride-free toothpaste to clean their teeth.
  • Be sure to brush their teeth after feedings and at least twice daily.
  • When your child learns how to spit, you can switch to fluoride toothpaste but be sure they do not ingest excessive amounts. 
  • Be an active participant in your child’s oral hygiene routine until they can brush and floss themselves. When they learn to tie their shoes is a good milestone. 

Control Bottle-Feeding Habits

  • To avoid early childhood caries or cavities, we recommend that you encourage them to stop drinking from the bottle and switch to a cup as soon as possible. Until then, don’t allow your child’s teeth to become bathed in sugary liquids for extended periods. The risk of cavities increases when your baby uses a bottle during naps or at bedtime. 
  • Prevent the risk of tooth decay by feeding them from a cup, letting them drink water from a cup after a bottle feeding, and weaning from the bottle by age one. 
  • Once your baby has gotten their first teeth, it’s essential to prevent cavities by ensuring that they no longer sleep with a bottle.

Stopping Finger and Pacifier Habits

Children commonly develop finger and pacifier habits. Unfortunately, over a prolonged period, both can affect tooth alignment and proper oral development.

Helping your child discontinue these habits may seem daunting, but this when you can turn to your children’s dentist in Parker. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she is always happy to share with parents.

Schedule Your Child’s Next Dental Exam

Dr. Christina Linn is an experienced children’s dentist in Littleton who understands how crucial it is to establish good oral health habits from an early age. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call Platte Canyon Dental.

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