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Will a teeth cleaning remove stains?

The purpose of professional dental cleanings every six months at our Littleton, CO dental office is to eliminate cavity-causing plaque and tartar. Both cling to your teeth and make them appear dull and yellow, so your smile will definitely get a boost of brightness just because they’re clean.

When your dental hygienist has removed all this debris, they finish your hygiene appointment by polishing your teeth. As an added benefit, this step removes light surface stains and leaves you with a brighter, fresher-looking smile.

Teeth Whitening for the Brightest Results

However, if your teeth have deeper tooth staining, our cosmetic dentist in Littleton recommends professional teeth whitening. We offer custom take-home kits that remove tooth stains left behind by foods and beverages like coffee, dark tea, red wine, and dark berries.

Place the prescription-strength whitening gel we provide in your customized whitening trays and wear daily for about two weeks. Dr. Linn prefers this method because it delivers the most dramatic, long-lasting results.

You can maintain the whiteness of your smile by using your custom trays and leftover gel to do monthly touch-ups, and your six-month teeth cleanings will also contribute to helping you maintain the brightest possible smile.

Schedule Your Next Teeth Cleaning

A bright, white smile is a tremendous asset, and our cosmetic dentist can help you achieve it. Take the first step by calling and scheduling a teeth cleaning appointment at our Littleton, CO dental office.

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