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How do you treat teeth grinding and TMJ pain?

Bruxism or teeth grinding is common, and everyone experiences it from time to time. It’s usually related to stress or intense concentration, and occasional teeth grinding isn’t a problem. 

However, many patients suffer from chronic teeth grinding that causes pain and soreness in the TMJ (jaw joint) and can result in excessive dental wear, broken and fractured teeth, and bite problems. 

Many people who grind their teeth do so during sleep and are usually not aware of it. They may not realize it’s a problem until our dentist finds signs of worn or damaged teeth during a routine dental exam.

We offer conservative teeth grinding and bruxism treatment at our Littleton dental office that is very effective for preventing dental damage caused by teeth grinding. Referred to as a nightguard or occlusal splint, it fits over your teeth, similar to a sports mouthguard.  

The device is customized for you using impressions of your teeth, so it fits your teeth snugly. The nightguard does not stop teeth grinding, but it prevents the upper and lower teeth from contacting each other and absorbs the excessive force.

Dr. Linn uses nightguards to help many of our patients avoid the destructive results of chronic teeth grinding and relieve their TMJ pain. Please call Platte Canyon Dental, located in Littleton, to schedule an appointment so we can help you.

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